10 Facts You Did Not Know About Twins

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10 Facts You Did Not Know About Twins

Do you have twins or are you a twin yourself?

Whatever be the case twins are double fun as well as trouble. Giving birth to twins is a big surprise in itself, but what you have brought in this world has twice as many surprises for you.

Whether you have identical or fraternal twins remember that they are more different yet similar than you can even imagine.

1. The Fingerprint:

Try looking at their fingerprints for a start. They may look similar but when you closely examine their fingerprints they are quite different. They even have the same DNA structure.

According to doctors, the twins start off with the same set of fingerprints but between six and thirteen weeks they start to move.

As they touch the amniotic sac they get a unique set of lines and ridges on their fingers which make the fingerprints different.

2. Mirror Image:

This one is for identical twins! Almost 25% identical twins face each other when they develop inside the womb. This means they become almost reflections of each other.

If you notice carefully their birthmarks are on the opposite side of each other and the hair swirls are in the opposite direction as well. The asymmetrical mirror image is mostly for twins when they have been split from the fertilized egg within a week of conception.

3. Own Language:

Almost 40% of twins have their own language. It usually consists of onomatopoeic expressions and inverted words. This language develops when they are gradually trying to learn a language along with communicating between themselves.

However, this language disappears when they learn a real language and gradually grow up. This language is known as cryptophasia. It also includes physical motions and mannerisms almost amounting to gibberish at times for outsiders.

Doctors also believe that twins start to communicate with each other by the time they are 14 weeks in their mother’s womb.

4. Mom’s The Word:

It is believed that women who eat a lot of dairy products are more likely to have twins than those who do not. Similarly, non-vegans also tend to have twins more than women who stick to a completely vegan diet.

Some researchers also believe that women who are taller tend to have twins. Tall women possible have more of the growth hormone IGF which helps them in ovulating more than others. Doctors feel that women with more IGF have greater chances of bearing twins.

Women who have twins are also considered to live longer. It is believed that healthier women have the scope of bearing more twins so that they can transfer the better genes to them.

Twin moms are more likely to give birth to twins because they already have the engineering required for this.

5. Belly Buttons:

Twins can be identical but their belly buttons are never! So if you cannot make out who is who look at the belly buttons? Since these are man-made they are less likely to be similar looking.

6. Leading Similar Lives:

Twins tend to live similar lives even if they are miles apart possibly because of their DNA structure. Many twins who have been separated at birth have been found to possess similar likings, choices, professions, and even values.

It is also fairly logical that their upbringing remains the same for the greater part of their lives which can also be a reason for their leading similar lives.

7. Twins of Different Races:

Children belonging to interracial couples have been found to look completely different and separate racial features.

8. Born Before Time:

Twins can be identical but their belly buttons are never! So if you cannot make out who is who look at the belly buttons? Since these are man-made they are less likely to be similar looking.

It, therefore, becomes almost impossible to say who the eldest of the two is. Almost 50% of twins are born as their mothers reach 37 weeks of pregnancy.

9. Don’t Smell Alike:

Identical twins always look alike and can fool the world. However, it is absolutely impossible for them to fool a dog. Just like every person has a separate body odor so do twins and dogs can differentiate between the two of you.

10. More Lefties:

According to statistics, around 22% of twins are lefties as opposed to the 10% single babies. Among the 18% identical twins, one of the babies is likely to be left-handed while the other is right-handed.

The reasons for such a condition is not known and is assumed to be a combination of pregnancy hormone levels, birth stress, and even positioning in the womb.

Twins form the best band in the world and have very close and healthy relationships which help them in living longer and performing better than singletons.

With twins, one always has the best interests at heart which promotes confidence and prevents risky decisions. These two continue to inspire each other making life easier for one another.

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