Eight Facts That You Must Know About Headaches

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Eight Facts That You Must Know About Headaches

Headaches are one of the commonest disorders of the human nervous system. Almost half of the adults worldwide suffer from this disabling pain at least once a year or more. Headaches are extremely painful and render a person incapable of working. Most people tend to ignore it and would rather pop a pill rather than get it checked by a doctor. Those suffering from serious forms of a headache should go to get a consultation from the doctor. But the exact reason for the pain in most cases remains unknown.

Types of headaches:

1. A migraine:

This is considered one of the commonest reasons behind headaches across the world.

Research has shown that there are different kinds of migraines and treatments according to their characteristics are also available.

The commonest symptom of a migraine is a pulsatile and throbbing headache often accompanied by vomiting and nausea.

If you cannot tolerate loud sound then you may have phonophobia and photophobia if you feel the same way about of light.

If you are suffering from photophobia then you may see light flashes and visual floaters.

A migraine is not curable yet but with regular medication and consultation with the doctor, it can be controlled to an extent.

In most cases it is hereditary and patients will find at least one family member suffering from a migraine.

Migraines are often caused by the consumption of certain food items like red meat, chocolates, yellow cheese, vegetable extracts, and nuts, foods containing monosodium glutamate, coffee, and alcohol. Many people get headaches by eating ice creams.

This happens because the cold from the frozen dessert causes spasm in the blood vessels which swell up and disrupt the blood flow.

2. A tension Headache:

A tension headache is a much less severe form which affects more people above the age of 20.

It can be reduced with the simple painkillers. This kind of pain makes you feel as if a tight headband has been wrapped around your head.

The muscles in the scalp and neck tend to tighten in this case. Affected people don’t feel the urge to vomit and the pain allows you to carry out your daily routine.

In most cases, this headache is caused by stress and poor posture.

3. Cluster Headache:

As the name suggests this headache occurs on a part of the head especially behind the eye or a side of the head.

It is more commonly found in men between the age of 20 and 40.

A cluster headache is extremely painful and causes a runny nose. You can suffer from this headache for weeks together or even more than once in a day.

The reason behind this pain is however unknown.

4. Rebound Headaches:

This kind of a headache is caused when you suddenly stop taking the medicines earlier used to relieve a headache.

For instance, if a particular medicine has been advised for two weeks and then stopped then it is possible that the patient might suffer from rebound headaches.

It occurs usually every day mostly after waking up in the morning.

Symptoms include listlessness, nausea, memory problems, difficulty in concentrating, and irritability.

5. Thunderclap Headaches:

Thunderclap headaches are extremely severe and come and go quickly.

They last for about five minutes and then go away quickly.

This type of headache signals some kind of a deep-seated problem in the blood vessels and needs medical attention.

6. A sinus Headache:

This kind of a headache is caused when the sinus cavities get inflamed mostly because of an allergic reaction.

They start to produce more mucus which blocks the sinus channels. It continues to build pressure in the sinuses and causes the blinding pain in your head.

The ache increases when the head is strained and moved suddenly. Along with a headache you also tend to have a runny nose, fever, a swollen face and fullness in the ears.

Sinus headaches are often misdiagnosed. In actuality most of these are migraines. With continued wrong diagnosis people consume unnecessary antibiotics which do not cure the headaches.

In case a surgery is advised it is best to take a second opinion.

7. Lifestyle Has the Best Cure for Headaches:

A headache is seldom dangerous even though it can be very painful.

Lifestyle plays a huge part in curing headaches. If you control smoking and drinking and give the body adequate rest then the number of headaches you get daily or monthly gets reduces automatically.

A healthy diet also plays a huge role in the proper functioning of the body. Fasting contributes to headaches hugely. So make sure that you eat regularly at intervals.

8. Children Get Headaches Too:

Many will find it difficult to believe but even kids can get headaches.

Some of them below the age of 10 also get the throbbing pain in the head that plagues adults.

The intensity might be different in children than adults but exertion increases the intensity.

In most cases, they are not serious but keep a watch for signs of extreme pain that is frequent of changes the personality of your child.

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